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Neighbourhood Experience

Dubai Marina

Named after the artificial harbour built in the area a decade ago, the marina is a prime spot for more creative and innovative architecture. Tall white buildings have been erected where once there were only a handful of dilapidated beach resorts. Standing in the middle of the new town centre you will find the longer standing hotels, the Hilton Jumeirah and the Sheraton Jumeirah. Dubai has succeeded in achieving modernity in its architecture whilst keeping alive its rich and colourful traditions and history.

Jumeirah Beach

A mix of public and private beach can be found at Jumeirah Beach. Private properties such as hotels and bars on the beach offer facilities like beach chairs, bars, changing rooms and bathrooms however the public beach areas do not offer those facilities. Meaning it is best you bring your own towels, drinks and chairs for an enjoyable day at the beach. Traditional dress and western clothing is prominent at Jumeirah Beach however it’s worth bearing in mind that bathing suits are only permitted on the beach and not on The Walk.


Boasting beautiful hotels and sumptuous restaurants, The Walk is a prosperous and recently developed area in Dubai. It is popular and well-known due to its interesting mix of Arabic and western-style entertainment including talented musicians and dancers. A vibrant mix of people tend to gather here including locals and tourists.

Currently The Walk is being transformed into a public art platform with a new project featuring 30 artists from the UAE. Featuring an outdoor gallery-type setting with colourful vases, stairs, benches and colourful paintings it’s quite something to see. The Walk is normally quieter during the warm summer months due to the rising temperatures, most people can be found indoors. 

The Walk Shops

A shopping destination like no other, The Walk is the place to go. Here you will find stalls selling exclusive and unique local handicrafts, bags and jewellery. The branded shops can be reached by the stairs from The Walk. Numerous shops and boutiques are located here including the Gallery OneAntik Batik BoutiqueIndigo Furniture , Tara Jarmon Boutique, Zara Home and Virgin Megastore.