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Audio-Visual Equipment Facilities

Our Audio-Visual Equipment includes;

Music System 

  • Channel Mixing Console
  • Double Cassette Player
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • Compact Disc Player
  • Dual Graphic Equalizer
  • 19" fully Wired Rack
  • Monitor Loud Speakers
  • Front Speakers
  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Anti-feedback Unit
  • Handheld Radio Microphones
  • Lapel Radio Microphones
  • Technician Communication

Sound Reinforcement

  • Main Loud Speakers 
  • Sub Woofers

Projection Systems

  • Video Projector; DATA with HOIST Instantaneous Input switching
  • Impression Mobile LCD Projector Computer and Video Interface built-in Bat Mouse Infrared Remote Resolution up to 1024 (compressed)
  • Fold-up Mobile Screens
  • Colour TV Monitors
  • VCR

Conference System

  • Chairman Tabletop Microphone
  • Delegate Tabletop Microphones (conference only)

Lighting System

  • Channel Lighting Control Console
  • Dimmer Racks (24x2.5 KW)
  • Central Lighting Dimming
  • Flood Lights (650 Watts)
  • Follow Spots (2KW)

Integrated Presentation System

  • Remote Control Panel with Volume Control
  • House Dimming systems
  • Slide Projector

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